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Glossaries Support

by Chris

The glossaries package can be used to create glossaries. It supports multiple glossaries, acronyms, and symbols. The setup is sometimes a bit difficult but here we are working throught it how to use it with LaTeXing without loosing any comfort.

Let's consider an example before we talk about the setup in detail.



  description={a sample entry}

  \glslongpluralkey=contrived acronyms]{aca}{aca}{a contrived acronym}


A \gls{sample} entry and \gls{aca}. Second use: \gls{aca}.

Plurals: \glspl{sample}. Reset acronym\glsreset{aca}.
First use: \glspl{aca}. Second use: \glspl{aca}.



.... read the full tutotial on

Knitr Support

by Chris

What is Knitr?

knitr is a syntax and an R package that allow you to put R code right in your LaTeX files. This is great for writing scientific articles or reports that use data, because you never loose track of how exactly you arrived at your results. LaTeXing makes it dead simple to use knitr in Sublime Text 3. In this post I would like to introduce you to my knitr setup.

Let’s consider an example before we talk about the setup in detail.



R can be used as a calculator.

5 + 5

Knitr integrates R plots into your document.

<<plot_something, fig.width=3.5, fig.height=3.5>>=
plot(1:100, rnorm(100), ylab = "A random value")

Knitr integrates R tables into your document.

<<some_table, results='asis'>>=
xtable(data.frame(a = 1:3, b = 11:13, c = 21:23))


.... read the full tutotial written by Severin on

Version 0.9

by Chris

With Version 0.8 the support for the online reference systems was introduces, in this version the support was improved and many bugs fixed with especially the Zotero support. Here a list of some new features:

Partial Build Option

Working on a huge project means sometimes waiting for the compiler to finish or you can just uncomment some subfiles with the lost of automatically fill references across you whole project. With the partial build you are not losing anything, you can just add the partial build option and build your file as usual. LaTeXing will just include the current subfile in your pdf.

Further Features

  • Biblatex support
  • Adjust the path in the normal settings
  • Format pattern for citation key while working with Zotero and Mendeley
  • Cite panel format keys: {sauthor}, {stitle} a short version of the authors and title
  • Proxy support for online functionality
  • Expert Settings, makes it east to adjust LaTeX.sublime-build etc...
  • Knitr Support


  • Zotero is now working on Linux and general Improvements
  • Keep focus is now working in Okular and Evince
  • General performance of synchronisation
  • Performance of bib file parser
  • Message dialog before updating local citations

Installation Note

Because Package Control now supports different source codes for the same package, LaTeXing for Sublime Text is now also available simple as LaTeXing. Normally Package Control should take care on this situation but this isn't working right at the moment. If you have difficulties, just remove your old LaTeXing3 installation and reinstall the new version.


Version 0.9 (2013-08-15)


Add new cite panel format keys: {sauthor}, {stitle} a short version of the authors and title.


Proxy support for online functionality like Mendeley, Zotero. The settings are reading from Package Control, so please check here for more details.

New (#83)

Support of Knitr, please check here for more details about how to use it.

Improved (#82)

Avoid $ (dollar sign) matching in Vintage command mode


Improved performance of bib file parser for huge files with more than 1000 lines.

Improved (#60)

Make multi-document support compatible to LaTeXTools, to make the switch more smoothly.


Show message dialog before updating local citations for remote sources.

Improved (#87)

Use return key to leave environments like the math envionment, further adjustable via the keymap settings.


Keep focus is now working for Okular and Evince on Linux

Fixed (#87)

Open correct sublime-keymap from menu "Preferences > Package Settings > LaTeXing > Keybindings - User"; it was opening "Default (OSX).sublime-keymap"


Zotero is now working on Linux and general Improvements of the field map.

Version 0.8

by Chris

After a few weeks the next version of LaTeXing is available via Package Control as well as the ordinary way. Here a list of all new features:

  • Cache system (see for more infos) with automatically rebuild
  • Mendeley, Zotero, Citeulike, (improved Bibsonomy) support via sever API, with caching the informations, offline mode, and synchronisation
  • Global bibliography file support
  • Jump back from Labels to the corresponding used position in your document
  • Rename labels thoughout the project
  • Automatic label creation can now be customised
  • Online lookup remembers the last used search

With this version a few big changes have been applied, we tried to iron all problems out but especially with the server API and your personal configuration it could lead to problem. Just be sure that you followed the available tutorials on and if you cannot solve it please let us know.


Version 0.8 (2013-07-22)

New (#47)

Option to adjust the behaviour of the automatically label creation.

New (#56)

Function to rename a label throughout the while project by running the fill command within a label.


Global bibliography file support to use an exported file from Mendely Desktop for example.

New (#57)

Go from a label to the postions where you are refering it.


Implement a inteligent cache system with automatically rebuild, check here for more infos.

New (#46)

Lookup symbol option, check if you are looking for a special symbol.


Mendeley, Zotero, Citeulike, (improved Bibsonomy) support via sever API, with caching the informations, offline mode, and synchronisation.

Improved (#64)

Build log will disappear automatically if no informations available.

Improved (#73)

Online lookup remembers the most recently used option.

Fixed (#66)

In math mode < will not expand to <>.

Mendeley/Zotero/CiteuLike Support

by Chris

Working with LaTeX means the most times also working with with a Reference Manager. With the next version the support for,, and will be added to the existing support.

Additional to the remote library support it is also possible to define a lokal library (a global bibliography file) and access the items from there.

The testing version, access and usable for everyone though the testing channel, will include this feature. (Check here how to install the testing version). To communicate with Mendeley and Zotero you also need the package oauth (accessible via package control). Please do not hesitate to try the new feature prior prior the normal release but be award that this is a development version. The documentation for the development version is always accessible here.

There are a couple of more changes in the testing version, for example the biggest one is that LaTeXing can now cache the data from files to improve the working speed with large projects significant. Just have a look, the documentation is also available vie the link above.