LaTeXing - Professional Typesetting

An extension for Sublime Text which makes your life
easier and more comfortable while creating your documents.

Hello world!

by Chris

LaTeXing with the initial release (version number 0.5) is just around the corner and close to a release. Currently the project needs your help, we do test the plugin for bugs.. so if you are interested please drop a mail at

With the aim to complete my PhD thesis with it I wrote a plugin for Sublime Text 2. Sublime Text is available on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux and so a good framework to work with. After playing around with the available LaTeXTools for ST2 I started to improve it but after a while I realized I wrote so much from scratch and added so many new functions that I basically created a brand new plug-in.With the current plan should the public release happen before the end of the month.