LaTeXing - Professional Typesetting

An extension for Sublime Text which makes your life
easier and more comfortable while creating your documents.


LaTeX can be difficult to learn and use, with LaTeXing for Sublime Text you can spend more valuable time working on your task itself. Together with smart features, and a wide range support for third-part highly frequency used packages LaTeXing helps you with your work.

Autocomplete Commands

Complete commands for packages, LaTeXing will automatically add available commands of a certain package if the package is been using in the document. Requires the package LaTeX-cwl.

Remote References

Access your references on online services like,,,, or simple use a global bibliography library on your local computer

Fill Everything

Automatically fill the filename of another LaTeX file to include it, a filename of figure to draw, a label for reference, a key of a citation, a package name to use, and many more…

Intelligent Cache

LaTeXing will automatically cache your data for faster access, you can work with remote data even without a network connection if they are cached.

Cross Platform

LaTeXing is, like Sublime Text, available for OS X, Windows and Linux. So you are completely free and can choose your favourite platform.

Multiple PDF Viewer

On each platform LaTeXing supports multiple PDF viewer. You can decide for yourself and choose the most comfortable for you need or personal preferences.

LaTeX Help

If you are not sure how to use a particular LaTeX package, just check the documentation with LaTeXing or start an online search with just a keystroke.


Working with LaTeX means it is sometimes difficult to count your words. LaTeXing you can count your entire project with just a single command.

LaTeX Package Support

LaTeXing is fully supporting the following third party LaTeX packages: acronym, biblatex, cleveref, currfile, lineno, subfiles. The number of supported packages will grow depending on your need.

Project Support

For huge project, it is perfect to work with a sublime project, you can directly define all available tex options in the settings file and do not have to adjust each subfile.

Partial Build

Working on a Book or a Thesis is sometimes very time-consuming during the typeset. The partial build includes just the selected subfile in the build without loosing any advantage.


The auto completion is extended to use multi word phrases. This words are often used phrases and helps your to complete this phrases in no time.

Online Dictionary

While you are writing a text in LaTeX, LaTeXing makes it very easy to find a translation, definition, or just a different word for a word in your text.

Check Your System

Check your system for the required tools for using LaTeXing in his full amount of features and ensure that you can work without any distractions.

Customise Format

You can decide how you would like to see your informations; for example you can easily customise the illustrated information for the list of your personal citations.

  • Smart fill of the following core commands: documentclass, include, input, includegraphics, cite, bibliography, usepackage
  • Smart creation of labels for parts, chapters, sections, paragraphs, caption of figures and tables
  • Open subfiles with your keyboard, follow a reference throughout your project or jump to a reference in your bibliography
  • Rename a label troughout your whole project
  • Forward and Reverse search by using the synctex function
  • “Goto Symbol” support, jump to any part, chapter, (sub)section, (sub)paragraph, label, input, include, subfile, bibliography, or LaTeXing option in your LaTeX file
  • Build your project on save
  • Keep your curser in the midle of the screen, automatically scrolling
  • User defined output directory
  • Command to clean a build
  • TeXLive, MikTeX, and MacTeX support
  • many more …