LaTeXing - Professional Typesetting

An extension for Sublime Text which makes your life
easier and more comfortable while creating your documents.

Version 0.6

by Chris

Version 0.6 is available now and includes the ST3 support, which is definitely the biggest change of this version. The installation is just available manually (changed with Version 0.7) because package control does not support ST3 official, perhaps the next version will add an update checker for LaTeXing to step up to date all the time.

This version makes it also possible to pass build arguments and customise the cite list format as well as insert symbols in math mode very easy which is shown below..

The symbols are listed in categories, which are fully customisable by yourself. You can also disable the categories and show all items in a big list.

After choosing the category you can just select the symbol and it will be inserted at the current selected position.


Version 0.6 (2013-06-04)

New (#26)

Add @ trigger for bibtex snippets while filling bibliography files.

New (#27)

Auto-pair <> brakets in beamer class.

New (#25)

Customise cite format inside the quick panel.

New (#2)

Include newcommand commands in autocomplete menu.

New (#3)

Include newenvironment commands in autocomplete menu.

New (#30)

Math mode to make it more confortable typing equations.

New (#21)

Option to define extra build argument for latexmk.

New (#17)

Support for Sublime Text 3, from now on the active development will be focus on the Sublime Text 3 version.

Improved (#14)

Find the root document from parsing the subfile document class argument.

Improved (#22)

Support for multiple references in cleveref command.

Improved (#23)

Use the dollar symbol for the math mode on OSX and ` elsewhere (adjustable in the sublime-keymap file).

Autocomplete LaTeX Commands

by Chris

LaTeX has many commands and perhaps too remember all; Especially if you start using LaTeX it is difficult to remember the important of them. With cwl files it is possible to complete many LaTeX commands while writing.

For that purpose LaTeXing is supporting cwl files. By default LaTeXing is loading the following cwl files for every file, this list can be adjusted in the LaTeXing settings: ``tex.cwl, latex-209.cwl, latex-dev.cwl, latex-document.cwl, latex-l2tabu.cwl, latex-mathsymbols.cwl''.

LaTeXing offers two different ways to include cwl files:

  1. Using the LaTeX-cwl plugin
  2. Save your own cwl files in the Sublime Text package directory under: ``Packages/User/cwl'' (files in this folder are high prioritize and will overload files from the LaTeX-cwl plugin)

Perhaps the way of using a different plugin for the cwl files look more complicated right now but it makes sense because there are many many packages and on this way it is possible to update LaTeX-cwl more often and independent from the LaTeXing event cycle.

If you create your own cwl files for missing packages please consider to submit your work to LaTeX-cwl, if you have difficulties with just drop an email at On this way it could be possible to have one day a complete collection of cwl files which could be also used also from different project and not just LaTeXing.

The full documentation is available here.

Version 0.5.2

by Chris

LaTeXing in Version 0.5.2 is available now via the package control or here in the website, this release is a maintenance release and induced the new license model of LaTeXing. In the next couple of days Version 0.6 will be released as well.

In the trial version LaTeXing a dialog before compiling the dialog, the version is not time limited but you are encouraged to buy a license to ensure the further development of the plugin. The license will be valid throughout all platforms and versions of LaTeXing from 0.5.2 on.

The version for ST2 will be further supplied with bug fixes but all the new features are going to implemented in Version 0.6.x onwards. This step is simple and easy explained, the change from Python 2.6 to 3.3 is huge and therefore the code very difficult to maintenance for different versions for projects like LaTeXing.

Customise cite format in quick panel

by Chris

If you use bibliography files with LaTeXing 0.6 it is now possible to adjust the format for the list items inside the quick panel.

The default setting is following: ["#{key}: {title}", "{type} ({origin}) by {author}"], so display a searchable key and title in the first line and a second line with the type, origin and author of the corresponding citation.

With the new feature of LaTeXing it is possible to adjust the format of the individual item inside the settings. For the screenshot below the following setting is used: ["{title} by {author}", "{type} {key} => {origin}"] which shows the title and author in the searchable first row and additional the type, key, and origin at the second row.

Sublime Text 3 Support with Version 0.6

by Chris

After several hours of programming and rewriting the current version to be compatible with Sublime Text 3 it is pretty much done and ready for internal testing. So you can look forward to get a public release soon if no huge problem occurs during the test periode.

The new version is not just a simple adjustment with the necessary steps, the code of LaTeXing was also optimised and should work even more stable. Version 0.6 will support ST3 only and just induce the brand new feature of customising the list format for citations (more about that soon). Appart from Version 0.6 there will be further bugfix support for the current version 0.5.x for ST2.

The rewrite from Python 2.6 to 3.3 was a big task and for the further development of LaTeXing the active support for ST2 will be dropped and it will be focus on Sublime Text 3 only. Don't ne afraid of using ST2 and LaTeXing, the current version is stable and can be used without any concerns.