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What is coming next...

by Chris

Since the current public version is running stable, which wasn't a big surprise because it was used internal for month without huge problems, it is the right time to think (two steps) ahead…

The future of Sublime Text is version 3, but because the change for the user isn't significant and the most user wouldn't like to buy a new version just for LaTeX, LaTeXing will probably support both version. This isn't a promise, but I will see what I can do and at least bug fixes will still provided for Sublime Text 2.

Currently I started porting LaTeXing for the use with ST3 and made great progress during the past days, so there will be soon an alpha version for selected user. If you are also interested please support the project and use the contact address for further instructions…

Another aspect to think about, is the way how LaTeXing gets support. Currently the project is just supported through donations but even if the interest is huge there are just a few person how really placed a donation. So think about it… if you like the project, please pay it back with a little so that the expenses can be covered. (For those of you who already placed a donation, don't be afraid, if the project is really going to choose a different way you will receive a license for free).

Happy LaTeXing

Version 0.5.1

by Chris

Just two weeks after the initial release the first update is available, actually there just have been two small problems with version 0.5 and no critical problems. So most likely this version is even more stable since it also removed several unknown bugs and further minor improvements.


The new version will be available through the package manager if you added your custom repository or in case you prepare the manual installation check this installation instructions.

New Features

Even if this version is a minor release it contains several new features. The most sophisticated one is most likely the trigger of the fill command. Now it will be trigged the opening '{' or in certain commands like \cite, \bibliography, \usepackage where it is possible to have more than one argument with a ','. This function can be disabled by the option "auto_trigger" in the settings.

Further more it is now possible to adjust the interval of reloading the packages (used for the fill of the usepackage command argument). The option "pkg_reload_interval" determines the time of a refresh in hours, so by default LaTeXing is reloading the packages every 24 hours.

Additional to the names feature there are a few small under the hood improvements which are not required to name it here but you can read it on the changelog.


Version 0.5.1 (2013-05-10)

New (#10)

Trigger fill command with '{' and ',' for cites and bibliography, this can be disabled in the settings.

Improved (#12)

add /opt/local/bin to path for OS X (macports fix)

Improved (#6)

Add option to control pkg reload interval.

Improved (#5)

Add support for "thebibliography" environment items for citations. 

Improved (#13)

Support for bib items where the title is wrapped in " instead of the normal {} brakets.

Fixed (#9)

Check system is now detecting missing texdoc on windows

Fixed (#11)

Log panel crashs if output has non asci characters

Fixed (#7)

Show symbol transformation for "Label" elements.

Fixed (#4)

Unable to locate target reference in bibliography.

Fixed (#8)

Use of an underscore within equation environment.

Bugs on

by Chris

Today I changed the bug tracker system to, for you there is no big change at all. I imported the tickets from the old system so that nothing got lost.

So if you found a problem, a bug or if you just do have a great idea for a further release just submit a ticket and we can discuss about it on Bitbucket.

Version 0.5.1 is on the way, it will be just a small release with bug fixes and two new features. More related to the features in the coming days.

Thanks for the help.

Documentation Available

by Chris

Over the weekend I create a document which should cover all the basic commands, settings and function of LaTeXing. The document is quite big but if you are not sure about the usage please try to solve it with the document first.

The documentation is available on the website, as well as pdf download on the particular page. However the document was created within a short time and needs further improvement but together with the other manuals it should be possible to understand how LaTeXing works.

Version 0.5

by Chris

From today on, LaTeXing for Sublime Text 2 will be available for the public without any restrictions. The feature list is long and some features are very handy for the daily work, check the screenshot and feature page as well as the different manuals.

If you found anything suspicious please feel free to contact us in twitter or drop an email at The other option to open a ticker on the issue page is also very welcome.

Happy LaTeXing...